10,000 Foster Children



“If a nation wants to go forward, it has to start with education.” (Gistex)

Gistex has done many collaboration with its surroundings, such as schools and regional heads to gather about 10,000 foster children until 2017. This program was initiated because of Gistex’s awareness towards the importance of education.

Until September 2012, Gistex has found 426 foster children to be funded. Children who are supported must have a 7 score as their average points on their report card as a requirement for getting donation from Gistex. The most important thing is the children must have the need for education and come from unfortunate family.

The aim of this program is to give opportunities for unfortunate people around Gistex to get education. And the interesting part is, the scholars will get the chance to work at Gistex after they finished their study. The number of the grantees is keep on increasing every year.

Listed below is the data of grantees in 2006 - 2012.

Year Number of Grantees
2006 46 People
2007 90 People
2008 101 People
2009 107 People
2010 118 People
2011 139 People
2012 426 People