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H2C is the latest product of PT Gistex which has technology based on the principle of body intelligence so as to make the body comfortable up to the meridien level so that the body can naturally withstand the radiation of cell phone

Vibrant world is our goal in making this product, through the inspiration we get from ancestral culture of Indonesia.

Clothing that depicts the future of true fitness, fashion flexibility and inner beauty


Cell Phone Radiation Is Harmful?
That It Weakens Our Body?

Currently, there are a staggering 3 billion cell phone users worldwide, and more than 1,1 million European cell phone users in 2015, the numbers are alarming and outrageous right?

In the International Journal of Epidemiology: people with the highest level of cellphone use (an average of 30 minutes a day over a 10-year period) had a 40% higher risk for gliomas, compared with those who used cellphones less frequently. China Maternal and Infant Health Development Report: in 2010, there were 149 birth defects of every 10,000 births, compared to 88 in 1996, due to the growing availability and affordability of electrical appliances. International Journal of Oncology also discovers significant associations between long-term cell phone use and brain tumor risk.

Electromagnetic energy emitted by cellphones appears to increase reactive oxygen species (oxidation or rust, a common mechanism of aging and disease), weakens cell membranes, and alters the handling of calcium in cells. A more serious issue that is under investigation is the possibility of damage to the DNA in mitochondria, the powerhouse of all cells for energy production.

Carrying a cellphone in your bra near sensitive breast tissue, in your left front pocket over your heart, or in a front pocket next to your sexual organs is best avoided, because the radiation may decrease sperm counts and genital function.

So … what can we do to tackle this? Surely, we can’t possibly prevent the advancement of technology in our lives, no matter how harmful the effects of it to our bodies. Let’s unveil how we can anticipate the cell phone radiation …


Consumers Demand For Clothing/Apparel Made Of Materials That Can Protect Them From Cell Phone Radiation

In China, during the mid nineties, protective jumpers, dresses and blankets were manufactured and a must-have for pregnant women. But consumers didn’t question their effectiveness or how well the benefits in protecting them from harmful radiation.

Further along the years, the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered that the Silver-ion maternity clothing actually increased exposure by trapping electromagnetic radiation inside.

Now, consumers need a better anti cell phone radiation clothing.


How Can We Determine What Is The Best Anti Radiation Suit For Us?

We agree the best anti radiation suit should be the one that will provide the best benefits for our health ... so how do we do that?

Dr, George J. Goodheart had the answer! His motto, “Your Body Never Lies”, is the answer. If we need the best anti radiation suit in order to achieve health, then you have to listen to your body intelligent for the answer.

By using Kinesiology, our body intelligence is capable of recognizing the most ideal anti radiation suit through its own reflexes and meridian system.

Now, consumers need a better anti cell phone radiation clothing.


Applied kinesiology (AK) is a technique to access the body intelligence through muscle test. The concept of muscle testing system was originated by Robert Lovett, M.D., a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard University Medical School. And the concept was further developed and popularized by dr. George J. Goodheart whose motto is "Your Body Never Lies."

Like other things we wear on daily basis, clothes resonate with the body. Our Body Intelligence enables us to check the vibration received by the body and how the body is affected by it, and even how our main organs are also affected.

Apparently the ancestors in Indonesia were way ahead with the principle of this Body Intelligence. Harmony, the sublime concept of their heritage inspired the Vibrant World as one such example. Vibrant World is a peaceful world, where the inhabitants live healthily, happy and harmoniously with a long life expectancy.

They have been proven objectively, measurably, and thoroughly. One medium of which they applied the qualities mentioned previously was the manufacture of batik, traditional Indonesian clothes, the renown and highly delicate art motif with a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole ,material, or fabric made using this technique. In October 2009, UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

The discovery of Indonesian medical treatment at the world medical congress ICMART XVII 2015, about the measurement of vibration quality based on the principles of Body Intelligent using ordinary cameras and kinesiology proven the way to measure the work of Indonesian ancestors easily, accurately and objectively.

The quality of batik and some were crafted hundreds of years ago, possess measurable benefits for the body. Through ancient photographs alone, consumers can now easily distinguish the batik worn by the Indonesian kings and queens than the batik for the commoners. Visit our booth to witness this amazing facts.


Understanding the principle of Body Intelligence in the secret process used by the Indonesian ancestors to craft Batik specifically for the Kings turned out to be the gate to the biggest secret of Indonesian ancestor's that can help you to unleash your hidden potential.

The principle of Body Intelligence in the making of the best clothing for the kings were the treasured heritage of Indonesia combined with modern technology was the core innovation at PT Gistex Indonesia.

Hopefully it can fulfill the noble purpose of ancient Indonesian ancestors when creating clothing including the contribution of Indonesia as a land of harmony for the fulfillment of world peace and Harmony.

Clothing that depicts the future of true fitness, fashion flexibility and inner beauty that can help people to have their vibrant world. The world where they live healthier, happier, more beautiful and empowered for the rest of their lives.

Welcome to The Next-Gen Anti- Cell Phone Radiation Clothing Technology as The Best Inventions Making The your world Better, Happier and more Vibrant. Vibrant world is our goal in making this product through the inspiration we get from ancestral culture of Indonesia.

A good product isn’t just something that you can’t resist pulling off the shelf. It’s the satisfaction of a human need, packaged into something that can be yours.

Have A Vibrant World

Your Body Never Lies


H2C is the latest product of PT Gistex which has technology based on the principle of body intelligence so as to make the body comfortable to meridien level so that the body can naturally hold the radiation of cell phone. H2C works up to the body's meridian level, so the body is naturally protected from the debilitating effects of cell phone radiation.

Protects users from cell-phone radiation by making the user's body comfortable to meridian level until the user's body is able to naturally withstand the debilitating effects of hp radiation on the body. So it will not increase radiation exposure by trapping radiation inside.

H2C is manufacture in providing higher beneficial level in strengthening the body – the level that makes it the most ideal anti-radiation suit for user in neutralizing cell phone radiation naturally. H2C can help user maintain better health because H2C works with the body’s meridian system. H2C will boost Life-Energy level and strengthen the meridian system of its users, boosting the fitness level and inner beauty to the level where age has little effect

H2C offers you true fitness. Visit our booth and try it yourself, how H2C makes your body comfortable up to the meridian level until your body is able to naturally withstand the debilitating effects of cell phone radiation on the body. H2C also exudes you true inner beauty that can be proven objectively through selfie photos. Users who take selfie photos before and after using H2C materials can feel the difference and can be tested objectively by your own.

H2C is good news for all talented, full of ideas and creative fashion designers. Our technology will transform your creation exclusively. You can still enjoy your freedom to be creative while using our technology to produce useful works to build our dreams world together, the vibrant world.

Let's join
Unleash your potential
Bring the true you

For world peace and harmony
Let's build the vibrant world together.


H2C clothing emits the same vibrations as Batik used by the Indonesian kings and queens, producing the distinguished benefits to the users and its surroundings from the harmful effects that weakens the environment.

H2C brings the wisdom of Indonesian batik to the modern world, proven by Kinesiology test. Now consumers have the opportunity to really protect themselves by naturally strengthening their body againts cell phone radiation.

H2C creates a rare opportunity that protects consumers from cell phone radiation.


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