Eye Examination and Cataract Surgery



Monday, May 19th  2014 CSR of PT.GISTEX organize social activities "Eye Examination" for residents around the company. Activities that work with Eye Hospital Cicendo started at 9 AM WIB. Approximately 72 people participated in the "Eye Examination" fulfill Gallery‚Äôs Room of PT.GISTEX. The eye examination will continue in the "Free Cataract Surgery".

Saturday, May 24th, 2014 Event "Free Cataract Surgery" took place at 7 AM WIB, 14 people who get free treatment has been gathered in PT.GISTEX was accompanied by CSR Team as representative of PT.GISTEX. Around 07.30 PM WIB from PT.GISTEX they went together to the Eye Hospital Cicendo. And all patients cataract surgery has been completed in operation at 3 PM WIB.

Eye Examination Cataract Surgery