Gistex to Green Company



If you come to any Gistex area, you will see green and breezy environment, because “go green” activity has become the main program of Gistex. The cultivation is not only done in the plant area, but also in the outside.
The raw material used by Gistex is proven safe. The certificates of service for quality, healthy and safe environment, and social responsibility were given to Gistex in 2013.


Gistex Panorama

Waste Water from production process is processed by Waste Water Treatment (WWT). Once the waste is processed, the water being released into the river is safe for the environment.

The determination and efforts of Gistex to maintain the environment preservation has been proven by "BIRU" predicate from the Ministry of Environment. Today, Gistex is preparing itself to achieve ISO 14001, an international standard in environmnetal preservation management.