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Exhibition At Ajahn Brahm's Event


Gistex made an exhibition in the Tour
D'Indonesia event Ajahn Brahm with
the theme "Relax to the Max".

Gelar Fashion Flex Time, Kain Polyester Gistex Dipadukan Dengan Bahan Yang Menjadi Masalah Lingkungan


Fashion Flex Time yang digelar oleh Fashion Design and Business (FDB) Universitas Ciputra Surabaya bekerjasama dengan PT. Gistex Textile Division berlangsung di Ciputra World Surabaya. Ini bukan merupakan fashion show biasa karena menghadirkan karya busana dengan bahan kain Gistex dan dipadupadankan dengan sesuatu yang menjadi permasalahan dalam lingkungan.

Dengan mengangkat masalah sosial dan lingkungan untuk karya desain kali ini, salah seorang mahasiswi melirik bidang industri dengan bahan baku karung goni. Berangkat dari hal itu, Yelinda Kusuma Rahardjo, mahasiswa semseter empat FDB ini mengerjakan project dari PT Gistex dengan memanfaatkan sampah karung goni yang di mix dengan kain 100% polyester.

A Drop Of Blood, Save Others


Gistex in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (IRCS) in Bandung Regency held a "Blood Donation" activity on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Routine activities aimed at assisting this humanitarian mission were attended by 178 people and those who qualified for blood donation were 110 people.

The results of the blood donation activities will be immediately submitted to IRCS , which is then intended for people in need, such as for the needs of patients undergoing surgery, accidents or other medical measures.

Welcome RI 1


Employees of PT. Gistex and Elementary School Students from Bimasena welcomed the arrival of the Indonesian President Ir. Joko Widodo. The intention of Jokowi was to conduct a review of the Nanjung twin tunnel construction project which was built to revitalize the Citarum River as well as control floods.

CSR Commemorates Occupational Health And Safety Day


In commemorating the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) day, which is held every January 12 to February 12 in Indonesia. PT Gistex Textile Division in collaboration with the Public Health Center Margaasih held a social event like "Free Medical Check Up" for the community around the Margaasih District.

The purpose of this social event is:
- Establishing relations of cooperation and friendship between the company and the community
- Communities around the company to feel healthy always
- Assist the Public Health Center to be able to conduct Medical Check Up directly and thoroughly
- Provide knowledge to the public about healthy lifestyles to avoid disease

Communities around the company responded positively to this event. People who participate in this activity start from various ages and was attended by 256 patient.