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Message From Coordinating Minister Of Maritime Affairs


The Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs " Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, MPA" was present to help the "Terowonan Kembar" project and Ciarum socialization. In his busy schedule he took the time to discuss and take pictures with Gistex employees. He said that:
1. Society to Free the Citarum Environment
2. He strongly supports the export activities of PT Gistex, especially this for Indonesia
3. Work with the heart, not just with the mind.

Thank you Mr. Luhut for the opportunity, Gistex Textile Division is very supportive of the "Fragrant Citarum" program that the government has obtained.

Flex Time Fashion Degree, Gistex Polyester Fabric Combined With Materials That Become Environmental Problems


Fashion Flex Time held by Fashion Design and Business (FDB) Ciputra University Surabaya handled by PT. The Gistex Textile Division takes place at Ciputra World Surabaya. This is not a fashion show that usually presents clothing with Gistex fabric and is combined with something that is a problem in the environment.

By raising social and environmental issues for the design work this time, one farmer glanced at the industry with raw materials for gunny sacks. Starting from this, Yelinda Kusuma Rahardjo, a fourth semester student of FDB, is working on a project from PT Gistex by utilizing jute sack waste mixed with 100% polyester fabric.

Kepabeaan & Cukai


Bea Cukai was present at PT. Gistex Textile Division

This time, Bea Cukai Bandung represented by Mr. Yomi Burhanuddin (Head of customs clearance service II) and Mr. Indra Bayu Lesmana (Head of customs & excise hangar sub section X) gave socialization related to "Kepabean & Cukai"

This activity is so interesting that it inspires employees to ask enough questions. It is expected that this activity can increase employee knowledge and increase synergy between PT. Gistex with Bea Cukai Bandung.

Exhibition At Ajahn Brahm's Event


Gistex made an exhibition in the Tour
D'Indonesia event Ajahn Brahm with
the theme "Relax to the Max".

A Drop Of Blood, Save Others


Gistex in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (IRCS) in Bandung Regency held a "Blood Donation" activity on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Routine activities aimed at assisting this humanitarian mission were attended by 178 people and those who qualified for blood donation were 110 people.

The results of the blood donation activities will be immediately submitted to IRCS , which is then intended for people in need, such as for the needs of patients undergoing surgery, accidents or other medical measures.

Welcome RI 1


Employees of PT. Gistex and Elementary School Students from Bimasena welcomed the arrival of the Indonesian President Ir. Joko Widodo. The intention of Jokowi was to conduct a review of the Nanjung twin tunnel construction project which was built to revitalize the Citarum River as well as control floods.