Gistex - CSR

As we develop our organization we grow together with the community as well. We create social empowerment to our community which is based on our company value and our mission: "to be a valuable asset for a nation, communities and investors". We empower the community through education social activities protecting the environment health and community development.

Bimasena Elementary School was established on July 27, 2015 as a part of Gistex Corporate Social Responsibility. Bimasena is dedicated with a desire to participate in creating a nation's successor who has good character. Intelligence plus character that is the goal of a true education. Bimasena Schools are locate in Bandung and Purwakarta.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities :
Protecting The Environment,
Humanitarian Activities,
Blood Donation Program,
Scholarship Program,
Waste Bank Program,
Social Voluntary Activities.

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