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GISTEX is one of the leading textile industry in Bandung-West Java, Indonesia. We are an integrated textile industry whose process are started from producting yarn, weaving, and dyeing. Producing fabrics containing 100% of polyester. Our sales have already reached 3 million yards / month and the products are exported worldwide. We maintains the quality of our products by striving for continuous improvement within our management, importing high quality machines, selecting the best materials, and keeping on the development of our human recources.

Our Mission

To be a valuable asset for the nation, communities, and investors.

To be a company which provides facilities to the organizations members to reach their dreams.

To be the prominent company that has services and products which customers looking for.

To be the prominent company which dedicated to services and products for the customers.

Our Value







Our Vision

Grow from good to great company. As we use this term "Great" means double digit revenue and profit growth each year from more

Innovation that serve our customer needs worldwide. It will surely require that we become more

Service oriented company instead of product company. We sincerely believe that

Together we can achieve this change, and make GISTEX a more

Exciting place to work than other competitor. In the process GISTEX will be

Xtraordinary company for stakeholder, customers, employees, and environment


Quality is the most precious thing in products. We believe that quality never comes by accident. It comes from hard work and it is the result of huge efforts. We produce various products that would have been quite impossible to do previously and without losing the quality itself. This is so important so we can perform our high quality products, the best services, and reliability in delivery.


Gistex always tries to improve their self both for human resources and by renewing machines that adjust to the development of the world


Gistex is constantly developing. We keep maintaining the cultural values of Gistex in the hearts of our employees to the ranks of our management


We do what we promise and taking responsible for the actions and results. We are committed to upholding integrity all the times


We are passionate and energetic. We are quick to move and easily adapt to the situation. Besides that we have motivation and high dedication. This combination makes Gistex the first choice to become a business partner


We consistently provide the best products with resources that serve well. It's great not enough, so we challenge ourselves for continuous improve through innovation and creativity


Our people are strongly eager to keep growing the company as the best one. We preserve our cultural value at every management levels and values, are the fundamentals of the implementation of our continuous improvement


Gistex is committed to giving you good environment nature. To offer better products that are supported by more efficient services. To helps you apply filters to your textile product.



3 Million Yard

Production / Month


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Our Products

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  • Satin
  • Acetate
  • Crepe

Cleona Satin



Acetate Touch, Dry & Cool Effect

Luvito Satin


Lolita Crepe

Soft Crepe Touch

Marka Satin



Soft Crepe Touch


Acetate Touch, Dry & Cool Effect

Loly Creepe

Soft Crepe Touch


Acetate Touch, Dry & Cool Effect

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