Gistex - Environment

Gistex is highly committed to balancing the environment. Gistex society and its environment are one entity. We are responsible to protect and conserve the environment. Gistex select raw materials that are environmentally friendly. Our Waste water treatment Plant (WWTP) use biological treatment process and technologies to ensure that the result of waste water that discarded is safe for environment.

Gistex carries out the disposal of waste water and coal processing carefully. This commitment is evidenced by cooperation with waste container companies that have official permits from the government. Cultivation around the factory area is also an effort to support the "Go Green" program. It starts from the first establishment of Gistex and is held regularly. Gistex plans to increase cultivation to the outside of the factory area. Gistex has conducted surveys and made several approaches to third parties.

In 2012, we modified the old Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL) from the chemical system to the chemical-biological system.

To get a better quality of effluent, in 2014 Gistex began building the second WWTP with an area of +/- 6000 m2 using a biological system. The large volume of WWTP aims to optimize biological systems without the use of chemicals.

To support the "Citarum Harum" program, WWTP 1 and WWTP 2 are equipped with a chemical system to reduce color in effluents.

In 2016, gradually replacing old coal fired boilers with new boilers was more efficient, and was equipped with wet scrubbers to reduce particulate, SOx and NOx emissions.

In 2018, we made many changes to protect the environment more, such as completing a stenter machine that produces chemical odor emissions with Electro Static Presipitator (ESP) to eliminate these emissions; do some simplification of the production process which results can save energy, and reduce water use by 20%;

Cooling Tower

At the end of December 2019 construction of cooling towers began which works to reduce the temperature of wastewater from the exhaust process high temperature production. The process of reducing the temperature in the cooling tower occurs before entering the biological system so that active sludge exists the biological system can work optimally.


PROPER is a Corporate Performance Rating Program in Environmental Management developed by the Ministry of Environment (KLH) since 1995, to encourage companies to improve their environmental management. From proper valuation, the company will obtain an image / reputation according to how the environment is managed. The image is assessed in gold, green, blue, red and black. Proper gold is the best proper, meaning that the company has implemented environmental management in a comprehensive and continuous manner. If a company gets twice the black color in a row, the company can be prosecuted and the business will be stopped.


Has done more than required environmental management and carried out community development efforts on an ongoing basis.


Companies that have carried out environmental management more than required.


Company Has made environmental management efforts that are required in accordance with applicable regulations or regulations (have met all aspects required by the Ministry of Environment).


The company has made efforts to manage the environment, but only partially achieved the results in accordance with the requirements.


The lowest rank in managing the environment, has not made efforts in environmental management as required so that it has the potential to pollute the environment.


Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Gistex has given real contribution to the environment around. The programs are home visits, mass circumcisions, 10.000 foster children, blood donors, and entrepreneurship and skill training for people around Gistex. Gistex also concerns to people around in Lagadar village, sub-district Marga Asih, district Soreang by giving wellbore donations. 18 drill points were already built by Gistex. Gistex monitors the wells to make sure they work well. Gistex will build health clinics around the area. That means there will be good relationship between Gistex and people there. Gistex reached "BIRU" predicate from the Ministry of Environment.