Gistex - Our Products

Weaving Facility

We have two unit weaving facilities in Lagadar and Purwakarta. Both units are able to produce greige fabrics by total production of 3 million yards / month. This success was supported by newest production machines from Toyota Japan.

Processing Facility

Processing is the next step of greige fabric. The main step of processing is dyeing. Dyeing is a process of giving permanent color (not faded and throughly) to the fabric. The time needed for dyeing process is influenced by the amount, type, weight, and color of the fabrics.

The Best Quality of 100% Woven Polyester Dyeing Fabric

We produce high quality 100% woven polyester dyeing fabric. Our products are divided into 3 categories. They are blouse, dress, and suiting fabrics. Beside that, We also produce high quality of white or cream Arabian Thibe and Ket Black color for Abaya.

We also do special finishing like Washer Effect, Water Repellent, Chintz Finish, Sueding Effect, Wicking Process, Antibacterial, UV Cut, etc. Wide variety of our products will fulfill our customer requirement.

Acetate Touch, Dry & Cool Effect

Dull Satin With Natural Touch

Luxury Georgette

Luxury Satin

Soft Crepe Touch

Special Conjugate Comfort Blouse

Special Conjugated Yarn

Structure Georgette, Knit Look

Special Water Repellent Fabric

Mini Ripstop

100% Polyester
Width 60 inch
Weight 80 GSM


100% Polyester
Width 58 inch
Weight 93 GSM


100% Polyester
Width 58 inch
Weight 107 GSM

Our Service

Customer delight is our top priority. Gistex offers a tradition of service excellence through its comprehensive selections of products and service to fulfill the needs and the expectation of your customers. Gistex is continously enhance its infrastructure capabilities wich are supported by technology. Solid network and highly capable people.

Gistex have more than 25 countries of Export Destination (Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Portuga, russia, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, North Africa, Australia, Hongkong, China, etc) In the coming years, Gistex shall continue expanding the market share. We will be focused to Japan, USA, and Europe markets through installing new machines to support and increase our production capacity to 6 million yard / month.

The Leader of Product Research & Development

We have strong Research and Development Division who always innovating to develop the new items which suitable for market needs with the competitive price. Our talented staffs who support with modern machine are working hard to keep our product up-to-date to produce a new product faster than our competitor.

To ensure our new product quality, We do some test to the fabric sample. The tests include :
1. Physical Test : Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Seam Slippage, Pilling & Snagging and Dimensional Stability.
2. Chemical Test : Washing Fastness, Perspiration Test, and Rubbing Fastness.