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Award From The Ministry Of Environment

Post Date 04/04/2019

In accordance with the decision of the Minister of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, number SK.613./menlhk/KUM.1/12/2018 dated 21 December 2018 regarding "Results of Rating of Company Performance in Environmental Management for 2017 - 2018". PT Gistex received an award from the Ministry of Environment with the "Proper Blue" criteria because PT Gistex has made environmental management efforts that are required in accordance with applicable regulations or regulations (fulfilling all aspects required by KLH) this is a minimum value that must be achieved by all company in the field of: • Assessment of Water Managem . . .

Production Waste Water Management

Post Date 02/04/2019

The process of discharging the remaining waste from the production process will pass through several processes of the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of PT Gistex Textile Division using a biological treatment system so that the discharged water is still within normal limits. The scheme of the waste treatment process includes the following: 1. Chopsticks     Waste from the production process is accommodated in chopsticks with the intention to eliminate fluctuations in the incoming waste discharge. 2. Neutralization     Chemicals are included to help neutralize the pH of wa . . .